Test Videos

Watch these videos to learn more about preparing for and taking the SIBO test.

SIBO Test Overview

SIBO stands for Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth. It’s when some bacteria that normally live in your lower intestine end up living in your small intestine. The small intestine isn’t set up for these bacteria, so they can cause a lot of problems. When bacteria digest food, they give off Hydrogen and Methane gasses. When these gasses are in your small intestine, they can cause a multitude of problems and symptoms.

EggsPrep Diet Overview

The SIBO breath test involves a 24-48 hour prep diet (the length depends on your doctor’s recommendation), a 12 hour fast prior to the test, and a 3 hour breath test (once every 20 minutes) after drinking a solution of lactulose.

During the Test

The SIBO kit comes in a box with 10 glass test tubes, 10 labels, 1 sample collection device (with attached blue bag and needle holder), 1 packet of lactulose, 2 bubble wrap packing bags, the instructions from the manufacturer, and the Patient Record form. If something is missing, please contact the SIBO Lab.

Two men pointing and looking at words on computer screenTest Results

The results of the test will go directly to the ordering physician. The NUNM SIBO Lab is unable to tell patients over the phone the results of their test. Results from the NUNM SIBO lab are sent by either fax or encrypted email.

Insurance Billing FAQs

The SIBO Center does not submit claims for insurance reimbursement for non-contracted insurance plans. We will provide you with all the necessary information to self-submit your claim upon completion of the order. At this time we are only contracted with Care Oregon.

Smiling woman looking at computerUseful Websites & Resources

There are many useful SIBO resources available online –here are a few we find useful.