Useful Websites & Resources

Dr. Sandberg-Lewis is one of the NUNM SIBO Center founders and a SIBO expert. His SIBO interviews, gastroenterology focused articles and book can be found here.

Dr. Allison Siebecker’s SIBO page: This website hosts a wealth of carefully curated information about SIBO including SIBO symptoms, associated conditions, treatment options, studies, diets, etc.

IBS, SIBO & Mental Health Research: These research papers delve into the links between IBS, SIBO and mental health.

Vital Food Therapeutics: This website from a Portland, OR SIBO focused nutritionist contains up-to-date SIBO information and blog posts and includes many recipes for SIBO diets.

SIBO Discussion/Support GroupThis is a Facebook page for people who have SIBO.  There are a lot of different opinions expressed – we recommend checking in with your doctor regarding treatment options that are recommended by others.

SIBO Diet Recipes: This website offers many delicious SIBO recipes.

Audra T. Lee Integrative Counseling: Audra is a psychotherapist who uses a holistic approach in psychotherapy to support mental/emotional healing for a wide range of adults with various mental health issues, including those living with various physical health issues and functional somatic symptoms. In her private practice, one of Audra’s areas of special interest is the effect of adverse childhood experiences, stress and trauma on the adult development of health challenges, including gastrointestinal disorders such as IBS and SIBO.

The Healthy Gut: Rebecca Coomes, of the Healthy Gut, offers SIBO friendly cookbooks, menu plans, recipes, podcast interviews and coaching.