SIBO Test Prep Diet

The Prep Diet includes the 24 hours prior to your test. Some doctors will suggest a longer preparation depending on how fast your intestinal tract is, however that is something you would have to discuss with your doctor. During this prep, stop taking all non-essential medications, supplements, and pro-biotics. This includes over the counter pain medications, allergy medications, and antacids. If you don’t know what medication is considered essential, consult your prescribing physician. The goal is to starve the bacteria for a day in order to produce the best results when doing the test. SIBO bacteria love plant products and sugars, so the only foods that you can have on the prep diet are listed here – if it is not on this list DO NOT eat it: 

  • Any meat/poultry/fish/seafood that is not cured or brined
  • Plain, steamed white rice
  • Eggs
  • Clear meat broth (made only from the meat, no bone/cartilage or vegetables)
  • Fats/oils (coconut/olive/vegetable oils, butter, or lard)
  • Salt and Pepper (no other herbs/spices)
  • Weak black coffee and/or weak black tea (plain, no sweeteners or cream, NO green or herbal teas)
  • Plain water (no mineral water or water with additives)