Ordering a Test

The SIBO kits dispensed from the NUNM SIBO Lab contain Lactulose which is a legend drug regulated by the FDA. Kits can only be ordered by practitioners who have prescribing rights for legend drugs.

Interpreting Results

There is no universal standard for interpreting breath test results. The NUNM SIBO Lab bases our reports on the manufacturer’s guidelines for reporting whether or not SIBO is suspected. These guidelines should be used to assist providers in further interpreting the results based on their clinical expertise.

Treatment Options

The SIBO Center is unable to offer treatment advise, however, there are several treatment options available including antibiotics and various diets. Additionally, there are many useful articles online and active and closed research studies.

Analyzing Samples

Detection of SIBO using the lactulose breath test is done by measuring the levels of hydrogen (H2) and methane (CH4) gases using a BreathTracker SC analyzer (a machine manufactured by Quintron). These gases are produced by bacteria in response specifically to the lactulose. Since humans do not produce either hydrogen or methane, these gases are …

SIBO Testing

The SIBO Lactulose Breath Test used by the NUNM SIBO Lab is manufactured by Quintron. Breath tests for SIBO have been reported to have greater reliability and acceptability than the blood test.


There are many SIBO specific resources available that include information about nutrition and diet, treatment strategies, analysis and interpretation details, and research. If you have found a particular article or resource useful we would love to hear about it! Contact us!